This morning Our Lady gave me a very interesting message on LGBT ministry and on both how big and how important it actually is.

The ministry to the LGBT community is enormous my child as is your calling.

Don’t let anything distract you from this for there are many wolves out there who behind an outward veneer of virtue and holiness are filled with the ugliest evil and malice from the pit of hell.

This LGBT ministry is from my motherly heart and heaven desires to touch these souls in so much need of love regardless of public opinion or reputation or any other human politics.

Jesus came to save souls and did this at the cost of his life and reputation. His church is called to do the same and no amount of human reasonings will satisfy God in terms of the terrible omissions especially in this LGBT area in today’s church.”

At times people in the church don’t realise just how large this ministry is because for so many years LGBT people have been silenced and shamed or simply sent away and people then somehow conclude that gays aren’t interested in God or have rejected the church.

The reality is the opposite. Many gay people are very interested in God and have been rejected and driven out of the church where they don’t feel at home.

Hence ministries like mine are much needed and the Holy Spirit sends us out to meet and talk to LGBT people where they are and they are everywhere!!

Our Lady would like for our catholic church to deal openly and inclusively with this issue rather than just ignoring it as if it did not exists.

Ideally priests would be able to preach about God’s love for all LGBT people in their sermons all over the world and teach and educate their parishioners on these areas.

They could acknowledge and ask forgiveness from the gay community for their lack of understanding and the historical rejection if gay people while doing everything in their power to change things moving forward.

And of course perhaps the biggest victims in all of this are gay priests who find them locked in a church that preaches love and acceptance while they themselves live lives of fear and rejection which in turn often cripples their priesthood and leads to all sorts of other problems.

So Our Lady is pleading not only for prayers but for humility, honestly, vulnerability, proper teaching & education in this LGBT area across the entire church from the Vatican to the remotest little parishes in the countryside so that LGBT people can openly and simply journey on the road to holiness in the catholic church without having to hide or pretend to be who they are not.