One thing a lot of Catholics struggle with is evangelisation and it is completely understandable.

You see when we grow up catholic we learn lots of really good values like loving and respecting people and not doing anything to deliberately hurt or annoy others.

And then there is evangelisation which seems to fly in the face of so many of our catholic values and we can find ourselves annoying people by simply wearing a cross or singing a song about Jesus!!

So it’s very understandable that a lot of people find evangelisation uncomfortable and I’d be lying if I said that I find it easy either.

Yet we all know that Jesus asks us to do it so then how do we move forward past our fears and anxieties and insecurities and just give it a go?

The secret is prayer and in listening to Jesus whether it’s in prayer directly or through what someone else said or wrote like this message which I received this morning:


My children, I love and are for you with a love so strong that I can’t forth from the Father’s heart and suffered and died for you to give you my divine life.

Yes my children, I give you my life and I share the very essence of my being with you raising you up to be God-like and above all the angels.

If you only understood this gift you would drop everything that you are doing and you  would devote your lives to holiness and helping others.

My gift is beyond all human understanding and it is only the Holy Spirit who can reveal it to you.

To non-spiritual people who have not experienced my love, you are crazy fanatics but to the Kingdom of heaven, to the angels and to the saints, you are my little flock!

Loving me will not make you popular but it will make you Holy and you will no longer care about popularity.

One consolation from my heart will be more beneficial for your souls than an audience of thousands of people applauding you.

Continue my children to love me and to talk about me, be not afraid, be not discouraged but simply keep your eyes on heaven and invoke day and night the intercession and help of the angels and saints.

So you see we get the motivation to evangelise and to make Jesus know from Jesus Himself and so we should endeavour to find new and creative ways to evangelise that somehow get people interested rather than turn them away and this is where we need to put our thinking caps on and to invoke the Holy Spirit.

There is absolutely no reason why evangelisation can’t be fun and creative by using all our human gifts like song, dance, art, theatre and at the same time be deep and meaningful and serious when it needs to be.

So let’s pray and invoke the Holy Spirit to give us the love and zeal in our hearts and the openness and creativity in our minds to evangelise in new and fun ways that bring the healing power of God’s love to everyone!

Finally, a very happy birthday to Rayne today who I admire so much and who has fought through some of his fears and anxieties to come out on the streets of London singing for Jesus, his saviour and friend!