Good morning from a very beautiful sunny London where I’m having a nice coffee after a late night for Rayne’s birthday!

Once again Our Lady gave me a moving and loving message for us all as she implores us to pray.

My children, as a new week starts and you see the summer sun you make many plans, plans to enjoy the sunshine, plans to take advantage of this weather while it lasts.

Yet my children there is an even greater sunshine that shines every day that so very many of you ignore, the sunshine of God’s love and mercy.

How may you make the most of this supernatural sunshine my children?

Simply by listening to my voice and practicing the simple things that I have repeated to you so many times now in Medjugorje.

Prayer is the key my children and while my motherly heart blesses you today and loves to see you enjoy the beautiful weather, it is also lonely, so very lonely that so many will not spend any time with Jesus and listen to my call to prayer.

Pray my loved children for those who do not pray.”

And so with this in mind our mission of prayer and evangelisation continues as the sunshine of God’s healing love continues to shine on us and as we continue to share it with others and bring them to prayer with Our Lady of Medjugorje!

Have both a sunny and prayerful week!