Last night as I sat with Jesus in adoration, this is what he told me:


My child, I am here 100 % physically in this small piece of bread.

It is a mystery beyond your understanding or even beyond the understanding of the angels and saints in heaven and yet, here I am!

How much I am ignored because I am invisible to your human eyes, how much I am despised for my simple and uninteresting appearance as a piece of bread.

And similarly how much I am ignored and despised in my people; in the poor and the suffering when like me, they do not appear interesting and glamorous and yet also in many of my apostles who so often do not appear as others would like or expect.

Even when I walked your earth as a man I was similarly ignored and despised by many for my appearance and behaviour as were my disciples and so too will you my children suffer the same fate.

Just like I am ignored and mocked in this piece of bread as if I were both deaf and dumb, so too will so many of you be ignored, mocked, discounted and thought of as nothing!

Come my little ones to me your God hidden in this piece of bread and I will give you the strength and love for the journey.

Do not tire of talking about me, of bringing people to me and of prayer for one day the day of justice will appear and every one of your adversaries will be humbled and crushed by the light of my divine love and truth.

So let us do our best today to spend time with Jesus and to console him on behalf of those who either don’t know him yet or are swamped by the worries and busyness of life and forget to come to him in prayer.

Let us also forgive those who don’t understand us, who mock us and reject us for following Jesus and for being different while courageously continuing with our mission of love and evangelisation!