My children, so many of you don’t understand how my mercy does not do away with my justice, how I can love you all infinitely and yet how there can be realities such as purgatory and hell and why I allow such sufferings and afflictions to affect you.

Many of you believe that it is sufficient for each one of you to be good people while it is you who decide what ‘good means’.

These beliefs and questions do not come from evil hearts but they come from simple and uninformed hearts which fail to grasp the reality of holiness.

Saying that it is sufficient to be good to enter heaven is like telling a child who is reasonably good at running that he will win the Olympics with no further effort!

Consider the things that you are good at here in your world such as sports or dance or music, now consider how much effort professional athletes and musicians had to make to bring their ‘good’ talent to perfection.

And so it is the same when it comes to holiness, holiness is like training for the Olympics in ways, you need to dedicate your whole life to it and make it your one and only true goal.

You must be willing to make many sacrifices, you must get to know yourselves and the ‘tools or the trade’ which are prayer and works of charity.

You must read and learn from the example of others who have gone before you successfully and learn from their example, the lives of the saints and most of all you must look around your world and desire to become as Holy as possible so as to reduce the suffering and pain of others.

My children, all suffering and chastisements come from a lack of holiness, they do not come from the direct will of God who is always love but from his permissive will when his children ignore him and ignore the call to holiness.

Pray, pray, pray and dedicate your entire lives to holiness my children. One can never be too holy. 

As I read this again myself I can already hear the “well I don’t want to be an Olympic champion or a big saint so it’s not for me ” and yet there lies the beginning and the end of the issue because God is calling us all to holiness and if we say that we don’t want it then we are already rebelling against God and His plans for humanity!

So let’s accept God’s calling for our lives and let’s put holiness and true love at the centre of our lives with the help of God’s grace and the intercession of all the angels and saints in heaven!