It’s Saturday morning in what promises to be a sunny weekend and getting closer to Jesus is probably not what a lot of people have in mind!

Yesterday I wrote about LGBT ministry and understandably some did not agree. In a nutshell there is a very great push to accept homosexual sexual activity as not being sinful as long as it’s between consensual adults.

New studies have been done etc to justify this position and people who believe this know the bible a hundred times better than me.

I’ve never been a reader but I’ve always loved praying and Jesus and Mary enjoy talking to me and telling me how things are which suits my mathematical type of mind.

Heaven has told me time after time that homosexual acts are sinful no matter what and yet heaven has also shown me that God’s mercy is even greater.

To somehow say that sex isn’t a sin as long as people are both willing leaves people like me feeling sad because firstly we don’t say that to heterosexual and if we did we’d basically be blessings sex before marriage and adultery.

And secondly because it reduces the gospel to a mere social gospel with no mention of grace, prayer and sacrifice.

Our Lady wasn’t impressed either and yesterday she gave me this message:

Our Lady 

God is a God of mercy, not of compromise and holiness is a sublime calling and one not to be reduced into human understandings and ways.

Holiness is a supernatural calling and grace raises your souls up from their sinful nature to a new and transformed supernatural nature.

Grace transforms your human condition and makes what may seem humanly impossible possible.

Yet if you don’t pray and if you don’t avail of the sacraments in the church, how will you be transformed?

Should God change his standards because you do not pray?

Will psychiatrists and doctors and counsellors tell God what is and isn’t possible?

Will prayer and the sacraments be reduced to feel good customs with no real power?

No my children, pray and read the lives of the saints and you will quickly see that God’s ways are not man’s ways and God’s laws are not man’s laws

Following Jesus is not easy nor is learning to live a life of sexual purity and God does not expect us to be perfect in a week but yet he certainly doesn’t expect us to give up altogether and then change the rules to suit ourselves.

And so this morning the message is very Simple! God’s love for us is boundless and he’s calling us all to the highest degree of holiness which is a challenging and difficult road which requires a lot of prayer and sacrifices and a childlike belief in the transforming power of grace.

So guys, let’s not lower the bar but rather let’s increase our prayer lives and all the saints of heaven will help us!