Yesterday was the beautiful feast day of Our of Mount Carmel and after a beautiful evening mass the brothers put on a super barbecue for us all!

During the homily the parish priest reminded us that the Carmelite vocation is primarily one of prayer and of course we are all familiar with many of the Carmelite saints such as St.Therese of the child Jesus, John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila etc.

In such a busy and task oriented society we need reminding that prayer on its own is actually a calling that works in an extremely powerful albeit often invisible way.

Our Lady spoke to me more about this as I prayed this morning:

Our Lady!

Write my child!

My children, grace is like a supernatural balm that is placed on your souls that gives the soul both strength and gentleness.

Strength because you need to be strong to witness to your faith, to resist temptation and gentleness because love is gentle and kind.

Consider a roaring lion, so strong and fierce to its enemies, so gentle and loving to it’s young.

Such is the gift of faith and such is how you will recognise my apostles of love.

Do not be afraid my children of giving witness about your faith and talking to others about what you believe in.

Fear not the mockery and intimidation that you will face when you speak of sin because if the souls in purgatory could come back, those ones that mocked you would become your number one supporters!

God allows these trials to further strengthen you and also to teach you humility so that you may be made perfect in virtue.

Look to the gospels and to Jesus who was firm yet not vulgar, passionate yet not obstinate and who constantly kept focused on his heavenly mission.

Do not expect to be liked much, do not expect to be loved much and yet love others and love God with all your hearts, never measuring out what you give or never stopping because of what you receive.

Love my children reaches its perfection in suffering and rejection so be joyful in love no matter what!

Perhaps not exactly what we wanted to hear but what we needed to hear as Our Lady desires to purify our ability to love and it’s good to remember that the saints such as St.Therese and others were very much disliked even in their own religious orders while they were alive.

So may we continue to love and to be full of joy even if we are hated and misunderstood because when we meet God he will ask us how much we loved, not how much we were loved!

Have a love-ly day!!