Our Lady 

Write my little one!.

God’s love my children is like the shining sun that shines on the whole world and gives you light and life.

Yet the sun’s light can also be too strong and can cause some animals and some plants to die!

God’s love is similar and you are like the plants and animals that can only tolerate a certain amount of light.

Even in heaven this rule is the same which is why not all the saints in heaven burn with the same intensity of love for God.

My children, my desire is not only to see you in heaven with me but it is to see you burning with the most intense love and joy possible.

For this to happen your spirits must grow just the same as your bodies over time get more and more used to the sun.

This growth happens in prayer, especially in silent adoration where your souls are being purged and raised up to new levels of holiness.

This my  children can only happen with your cooperation because this purging process is long and painful and requires absolute humility and simplicity on your part.

Pray, pray, pray my children for you will carry nothing with you from this world into the next except what you have accumulated in your souls.

And so today as the temperatures soar and many of us will struggle with the heat, let’s remember that not only are our churches nice and cool but that Jesus himself is there, thirsting to expand our souls in love and grace and prepare us for an eternity in heaven with him.

Have a sunny, holy and beautiful day!