As the temperatures soar here in London, we are all feeling the heat and yet the ministry of prayer continues on regardless.

Yesterday after a divine mercy mass in Ealing, Jesus spoke to me once again!


My children,

With tears from my heart I tell you that heaven will never accept sin.

A snowball in a furnace of 1000°c would have a better chance of survival than a single stain of sin in heaven!

Is God unfair? Does anybody go to heaven?

God sent me, Jesus, who shed his blood through the most unimaginable death on the cross so that you my children could be purified of every single stain of sin and join me in the perfection of heaven.

God did not lower the standards of heaven bit rather through his son, he raised the earth up to the standards of heaven.

Yet how many in my church in the name of mercy and modernism try to change the ways of God and deny sin?

Any priest that does such a thing should fall on his knees begging for forgiveness both for his own soul and for the souls of those he has misguided.

Pray, pray, pray and implore God for holy and strong priests capable of preaching the gospel uncontaminated by human reasonings and social fears.

It is hard to imagine the pain of Jesus and yet it’s true and real. Imagine if we took the danger of sin as seriously as the danger of the current heatwave and heeded the Lord’s pleas to turn to him and Our Lady for protection.

And imagine if we prayed more for holy priests and sought out priests who will tell us the truth about God and about sin rather than complaining about those that do and hailing as saints the ones that lead us astray!!

‘Pray, pray, pray “.