One of the most evil things in the world is gossip and our dear Séamus hasn’t escaped it since moving to Medjugorje.

He’s gone from being loved and popular to being left alone at the table so to speak and then being gossiped and talked about by others.

All for what? For reaching out to the LGBT community in love while at the same time holding true to the church’s teaching on the call to sexual purity through prayer.

Fortunately Séamus has become very strong in himself and Jesus is blessing him with many graces and yet it is still a sad story that some people in Medjugorje seem intent on resurrecting the past, changing it completely and then justifying their cruel words and actions.

Yet Jesus encourages us forward:


Do not be afraid. I send you out like a lion among wolves to find my lost sheep.

Take no notice of the judgement of others who judge you from the comfort of their nice homes and cosy lives while not lifting a finger themselves to reach out in love and mercy to the LGBT community.

My heart spews at their judgements and attitudes as they boldly claim to love me.

Let the fruit of your love and prayers be measured in your love and mercy for the marginalised and the oppressed and your desire to go out at any cost to help them.

Woe to those souls who claim to love me and show no mercy. Faith without works is dead and it would be better to never know me than to abuse my love and mercy for sinners.

Sadly all this horrible evil could be avoided if one particular priest found it in his heart to tell the truth rather than letting us suffer to save his reputation.

Sadly this seems to hold true all over the church and until we sort the gay issue out within the church then we really haven’t much to offer the LGBT community outside the church.

So today let us pray for Séamus who is over in Medjugorje and is bringing the love and light of Jesus to so many and also that the truth comes out so that this new and exciting ministry can bring light and hope to people all over the world through the grace of Medjugorje.

Our prayers also for the grace of repentance and the grace to tell the truth regardless of the consequences for those that have lied about us for years to suit their own agendas.

Keep going Séamus, we are with you all the way, the truth will prevail!