Temperatures here in London have dropped after a whopping 39° here in Notting Hill on Tuesday.

Like everything else, these things remind us of how fragile we are and how fragile is the gift of life.

Our Lady 

Continue to write!

My children, you are so fragile and so delicate. Look at the current heatwave and how many of you have struggled with only only few days of high temperatures.

Consider the vastness of be universe and the goodness of your heavenly father to place you here on earth where you have life.

My children, it is similar in heaven except the temperature is measured in love and the closer you are to God, the closer you will be to the intensity of his love.

I desire my children for you to thirst to be with God in heaven and as close as possible to his love.

This process begins on earth through prayer and especially through prayer with the heart.

When you pray with the heart you will do everything else too with the heart. You will meditate my rosary with the heart, you will go to confession with the heart, you will fast with the heart, you will receive Jesus in communion with the heart, you will love with the heart and if you are a priest, you will celebrate mass with the heart.

The heart is like the centre of your being and it is what you will carry with you to heaven with its treasures.

I desire for your hearts to be full of love.

Let love of Jesus be your only treasure and endeavor to do everything from the smallest of your daily activities to the most important with love from the heart.

Another beautiful message from Our Lady who is constantly drawing us to prayer and to Jesus.

We are so blessed to have such a mother and so may we endeavour to do everything with love and by doing so be her ‘apostles of love’ on earth before joining her in the ecstatic intensity of God’s love in heaven for all of eternity!