How I thirst and cry for souls to love and adore me who is present in the Eucharist and yet how few, how very few come to me.

For some it is a duty, a chore that needs to be done and then ticked off their to-do list.

Others do not come at all and see it as utterly silly and unnecessary as they justify their behaviour with other actions that they deem as more urgent.

How few, how desperately few souls come to me out of love and enjoy coming to me.

How desperately few priests spend time with me heart to heart and how much this wounds my already wounded heart.

Without me my children the church is like a body with no life, a corpse good for nothing only to be buried.

In your current times, my church is like a very sick patient gasping for life which is being kept alive by a small number of humble and often hidden souls.

How desperately my heart hurts when those that represent me publicly often love me so very little.

I am in no need of more books and thesis being written about me as if I were a scientific discovery, I am in need of love.

In heaven, every possible question you ever had about me will be clear but who will get there?

My children, pray, pray, pray and especially pray for your priests to be simple men of divine love and prayer.”