Last night at the dinner table this interesting subject of conversation came up as we were discussing God’s permissive will and how a loving God can allow so much suffering.

As I prayed this morning Our Lady gave me this little explanation:

Our Lady 

Write my child,

My children, many of you wonder if any souls go to hell and how such such loving God could allow such a thing.

This is like a little child wondering if things like murder really exist or if they are just fictional stories from the TV.

Evil is impossible to understand from a pure and innocent mind and yet as you all know, it is very real both in your world and in the next.

Many souls my children, many many souls refuse the mercy and love of God and freely choose eternal damnation.

This is not because they like to suffer but so horrific is the thought of surrendering their souls to the plans of God and his plan for them in heaven that they choose hell which seems to them to be a lesser suffering.

Heaven my children isn’t a place of freedom in the sense that you do what you want, it is a place of perfect love and perfect order and harmony. Souls who refuse heaven refuse to enter into this harmony.

Yet my children I do not want you to get discouraged because very many souls go to heaven too and very many souls who have lived very unholy lives have been saved and have gone to heaven thanks to the prayers and sacrifices of the just.

Pray my children in the hope that all can be saved and yet do not get discouraged when some are not for nothing is lacking in God’s mercy or power and no souls will ever perish if they turn to God’s mercy.‘.

So once again we are being asked to keep in praying and yet not to be discouraged or unaware of these spiritual realities.

And the good news is that in our church in Notting Hill we have so many different prayer apostolates in response to Our Lady’s pleas ams this coming week we will have prayer evenings on both Wednesday evening (LGBT family and friends) and on Thursday evening (Marion movement of priests) to which all are welcome!