Can you believe it? It’s that time of the month again and this Wednesday we will have our Medjugorje LGBT ministry.

Séamus is doing great work over in Medjugorje and despite a few quite hostile encounters (which is to be expected) he is meeting so many supportive parents and priests who have been blown away and moved to tears with this much needed ministry.

And Our Lady continues to encourage us on as usual and to challenge those in the church who are afraid to open their hearts and minds to her work:


Our Lady 

Write this short message

My children, it is not enough to pray for the conversion of LGBT people who are away from the church and prayer.

You must also love them and get to understand them and their needs so that you can help me in bringing them back to God and to the church.

With that in mind, this Wednesday Ivan (2nd from the right) will be sharing some of his journey and experience as a gay Catholic man who didn’t have the typical story of leaving the church and falling into the gay scene but rather he stayed in the church and encountered many difficulties there too.

I won’t say too much more but just that Ivan’s story is a very deep and moving story and offers us a different perspective on being catholic and gay and yet moves us to asking the question ‘How can gay people be fully alive and happy in the church?’.

So please come along or join us online! We have rosary at 5.30 followed by mass and then at about 7 we start the second half of the evening either testimonies, eucharistic adoration and refreshments afterwards (feel free to come for just one half if you like and/ or invite a friends or parent etc.).

Have a super week and really looking forward to seeing some of you on Wednesday!