My children, my infinite mercy desires to pass through your hearts and bring my healing love to the world.

For this to happen your hearts must be clear without blockages or judgements so that my love may flow through you.

When you judge others, you close your hearts, you block my love and then I cannot operate as I would like to through you.

It is made even worse when instead of loving, you hate and allow Satan to use you to hurt and wound others.

The power of life and death, holiness and evil truly is in your tongues and yet even the tongue speaks from what is in the heart!

Yes my children, if you desire to be perfect, examine your hearts and be ever vigilant how you use your tongues.

Run to me for forgiveness and healing when you fall short of perfection and always be humble enough to ask forgiveness from those you have hurt.

Wonderful message and also what is at the heart of Our Lady of Medjugorje’s messages, praying and loving with the heart where there should be no room for gossip or inappropriate talk or any of these things especially out of the mouths of those have been following Gospa for many many years.

So let us all be very careful because the more Jesus has given us, the more he will expect from us so please Lord, heal our hearts and help us to bridle our tongues so that we may only speak through your heart of love and mercy!