Good morning!

This evening we will have our Medjugorje LGBT evening to which all are welcome as we witness to the world that gays can pray too!!

Sometimes people get discouraged because they go to Medjugorje or they come to these prayer evening and they don’t have an extraordinary experience of God and so Our Lady gave me a beautiful message this morning for those in that category.

Our Lady 

My children,

So many of you get discouraged because you do not experience God’s love in a tangible way through things like spiritual experiences.

You must not get discouraged for even those people who have received such consolations also experience moments and periods of terrible doubt and confusion!

There is no purification of the soul without passing through such periods and no soul escapes! Look at the lives of the mystics who suffered so much despite such direct consolations.

My little ones, you must never compare. Each one of you is unique and especially loved by God who has a unique and different plan for each person.

Even if you experience nothing, see God in all the little things in your everyday lives from the simplicity of having a cup of coffee to the beauty of nature to the joy of meeting your friends!

Read and reread the lives of the saints and allow the joy of heaven to fill your hearts.

What a beautiful message from Our Lady and both a reminder and a confirmation that we are all loved by God whether or not we experience it through direct spiritual experiences or not!

So let’s let go of our fears and doubts and trust 100% that we are infinitely loved by God who hears every single one of our prayers and even though he may not seem to reply straight away or may allow us to pass through periods of terrible dryness or suffering, let nothing or nobody tell us that he doesn’t love us but rather let us cling even more to him who will bring us through every darkness moment and out the other end.

Hope to see some of you this evening!