Last night we had our Medjugorje LGBT evening with rosary, mass, adoration, confessions and a talk by Monsignor Keith on LGBT ministry and the challenges thereof.

Rayne did a truly wonderful job with the music while Toni and I shared the rosary which is usually led by Eddie who was away.

We had more people than usual too with a wonderful mix of LGBT people, friends, family members etc. and we got a lot of very positive feedback from the newcomers who seemed to fall in love with the music from Medjugorje.

Monsignor then gave a talk about his role in the Westminster diocese as chaplain to different LGBT groups who are often at loggerheads with eachother and disagree on church teaching on these issues.

He has a very difficult role as he endeavours to bring all closer to Jesus and Mary in a backdrop of such confusion in both the church and in society around these issues which is made even more difficult by virtue of the fact that many Catholic LGBT people have been so hurt and wounded in the past.

Meeting everyone where they are at while praying and bringing them forward is no easy job. Go too fast and they give up, go too slow and God is not happy!

Our Lady had a message for us this morning in the context of all of this:

Our Lady 

All is well my child, continue to write!

My children, how my motherly heart thirsts to bring you to the truth of living holy lives.

Holiness is the only path to true happiness because my children you are made for God and to be in a deep intimacy with God.

Without deep prayer and perseverance, holiness is not possible and this is why Heaven is constantly calling you away from the world and to prayer.

In prayer my children your hearts will find the strength to overcome the desires of the flesh such as lust and all sorts of selfish and slothful behaviours.

You are in a war my children and like any war, the only way of winning is fighting.

If you don’t fight evil with the weapons of prayer then evil will overcome you and you will fall.

Come my children, open your hearts and devote your lives to holiness

Compelling words from Our Lady who with ad much motherly tenderness and love as possible explains to us the seriousness and urgency of striving for holiness.

‘Our Lady of Medjugorje, please place in the hearts of all LGBT people a desire for holiness and prayer and bless especially Monsignor Keith with your motherly heart as he continues to do this very challenging ministry here in London which many other priests would run a mile from’.

A big thanks to everyone who came and again thanks to Rayne, Toni & Fr. Keith who made it all possible!