Our Lady 

Continue to write my child!

My children, you must not be afraid to talk about sin and to teach people what it is through both examples and using the teachings of the church.

Leaving people in ignorance deprives them of an opportunity to convert and to change.

Yet you must not stop there, you must also teach people about prayer, about the sacraments and how to overcome sin.

Many will reject you and laugh at you while others will accuse you of judging them but these are all manners by which Satan works to silence you.

Sin is very serious and without understanding what it is and how to fight it, how will you grow in holiness?

Fear not being unpopular. Heaven has never sought popularity but love and truth.”

Another wonderful message and a reminder to us all to be brave and to be loving by teaching others about sin through using the church teaching such as the catechism and examples from the lives of the saints or perhaps using own testimonies of how God changed us.

This calling away from sin and to prayer is at the centre of Our Lady’s messages in Medjugorje and so at the centre of our Medjugorje LGBT ministry and also at the centre of the Medjugorje healing days at St. Mary of Angels on the first Saturday each month.

So let’s endeavour to come up with new and loving ways to teach others about sin, about prayer and about the narrow road to the eternal kingdom of heaven!