Well if there is one topic that is sure to cause a stir it’s the topic of sexual purity which is why I’m very happy this morning that it’s a message from Our Lady that I’m sharing on the subject and not my own thoughts (all complaints may be posted to heaven by dialing ‘Hail Mary full of grace..” and then leaving a voice mail!!).

Our Lady 

My children, today I want to talk to you about sin.

Sin my children comes in all shapes and sizes from very obvious sins such as premeditated murder to very subtle sins such as pride even when doing acts of charity.

Not all sins damage the soul in the same way. If you take the example of a white dress, not all sins stain the soul in the same way just as not all foods or drinks stain a dress in the same way!

For example, wine will be far more difficult to remove from a dress if it is red than a stain from a soft drink!

This my children is why you must be vigilant with your souls and especially with your sexuality because these types of sins although so easy to commit in today’s culture mark your souls far more than other sins.

Yet just as when red wine falls on a white dress one should act quickly to soak up the wine and remove the stain, so too should you always act quickly when you sin sexually either by action or in though!

Run to Jesus in prayer and repentance and make frequent use of the sacrament of reconciliation.

This way the sin, just like the stain will be removed all but straight away and will leave no permanent mark on your souls.

Those souls who do not repent of these sins and yet receive Jesus in the Eucharist cause Jesus a lot of pain.

Often they are unaware and do not carry all the responsibility but heaven still hurts to see this happening.

My priests must teach people about sin, especially about sexual sin which is so widespread.

They must teach people how to pray, how to remain pure and what to do if they should fall.

Read my children the lives of the saints and learn from them and you will understand how serious and important it is to avoid sin and to strive continuously for holiness.”

Well I don’t think Our Lady could be any more clear and yet loving and understanding about the call to sexual purity as the church teaches in the catechism and as so many saints have witnessed and like any good mother, she is with us on the journey to love us and help us and support us and to lift us back up should we fall short.

So let’s be humble and rather than waste our energy in arguing with church teaching on sexual purity, let’s put all that same energy and zeal into living it and be powerful witness of the power of the gospel in today’s world !