Our Lady 


Michael, each one of you has a name because each one of you are individuals and are unique.

Just as when you do an exam such as a driving test, you must do it alone and nobody else may do it for you.

Others may help you and support you but on the day of the exam, only you and you alone will sit in the car with the examiner.

My children, it is similar when you pass from this life you life on earth to the next. You will appear before God and your souls and your lives will be laid before you.

What will you do on this day if you are not prepared?

What good works and prayer will you have to show if you don’t act now?

Without conversion my children, not only are you not accumulating merits for this day of judgement but you are piling up condemnation and sin!

What a foolish choice to dedicate your entire life and hard work to things that will lead to nothing, only suffering and shame.

How many of you are wasting your lives with things that do not matter and teaching others to do so?

Convert your hearts and lives my children and do not play with your eternal salvation.

Our Lady certainly isn’t mincing her words today but if she speaks like this, it’s not to frighten us but to convict us of the seriousness of life and the call to prayer.

Our Lady desperately wants to see us all with her in heaven and to pass the ‘test of life’ which is why she pleads with us to listen to her and to convert our lives and hearts and to teach others to do the same through our lives and example!