Our Lady

Freedom, freedom, freedom my children, your world shouts freedom and yet you have never been more enslaved!

How many of you will pay thousands of pounds to learn how to play music or dance or get fit and yet will not listen to God who desires to teach you something far more valuable for free?

To advance in your careers you will work long hours and go out of your way to please your managers and yet you say that you are free!

To feel good about yourselves you will spend the money you worked so hard for on expensive clothes and holidays and you claim that you are free!

To find love you will all but prostitute your bodies, giving yourselves to everyone before you barely know them and again, you say that you are free!

Can’t you see my children that you are enslaved to the world, to sin, to godlessness and that you are not free at all!

The only true freedom comes from the heart, comes from being your true and authentic selves, comes from loving God and loving others from the heart.

My children, I desire you to be free and to be happy which is why I implore you to look to my son Jesus and to follow him with all your hearts.