Our Lady

Write my child!

My children, how very many struggle with me calling you ‘children’. You worked so hard to be adults and to be independent and now you don’t want to be told what to do or be called ‘children’!

Yet my children, this is exactly what you are from my heavenly view and from the heart of the most Holy Trinity.

You are adults in your world while being children in the greater scheme of things! You could describe yourselves as ‘adult children’!

Only those of you of humble heart can accept this because you are afraid of being manipulated and losing your independence which is why I desire you to pray about it and ponder over it and to see it in a different way.

Being children of God means that God who is your Father sees and loves you as his children.

Think of any good Father and how he will protect his child, mentor his child, love his child and above all, see and understand the smallness and weakness of his growing child.

Being children, my children is what attracts the love and mercy of God to you and the more aware that you are of your smallness, the more you will allow God’s greatness to work through you!

My children, even as your mother, I too am a child in the eyes of the Trinity, a mere speck of dust in comparison to the greatness of God.

This is why I am your mother because God has chosen me who is greater than you in the order of creation to teach you how to be perfect children of God and to humbly submit your lives and hearts to Him as I did all throughout my earthly life!

Meditate the rosary my children and implore the intercession of the saints and you will advance quickly on the road of perfection as children of the most high.