Often there is a lot of controversy over who should be allowed to receive communion and who shouldn’t and the whole area of God’s love.

Some argue that God loves everyone and so everyone should be allowed to receive communion while others remind us that communion is a supernatural food and we must not receive it if we are not ready or are not striving to live a Christian life.

On this subject Jesus spoke to me yesterday!


My heart is aflame with love for you all and yet so very often I cannot spread my love in your hearts because they are like ice.

As soon as my love hits such hearts, it is immediately extinguished because my love can only spread when your hearts are open and there is surender.

When a soul who is in mortal sin receives me in the Eucharist, I can do absolutely nothing because if that soul does not repent of their sin, their unforgiveness creates a barrier like a wall that blocks my love from acting in their hearts.

And not only that, such an unrepentant soul actually becomes harder of heart as they knowingly refuse to forgive in their hearts and yet receive me!

Yes my children, receiving my body when not properly prepared is very dangerous for your souls and because your spiritual souls are connected to your bodies, it is also dangerous for your bodies.

This is why St. Paul spoke about people being sick who were receiving me unworthily.

How could my body which is perfect make anybody sick?

Very simply my child.

In the same way as putting good petrol in a car that runs on diesel or overloading an electrical appliance with good electricity!

My body is alive and when you receive me you receive a living force into your being.

If you are not prepared or if you do not wish to surrender your hearts to this force of love then you will in fact make yourselves sick!

Remember when you receive me in communion, you approach my priest and you say ‘amen’.

I do not force you to receive me and so you must take responsibility for what you are doing and understand what you are receiving!

My priests must help you to be prepared in your hearts and lives and you must be humble and listen.

Do not follow the crowds but rather receive me with a very humble and grateful heart, constantly aware of your sins and your nothingness and yet trusting even more in my goodness and mercy.