Good morning!

This week has been an eventful week on the LGBT ministry front and hasn’t been without its challenges.

Often I have used the term “bridge” to describe the work that I have been doing in bringing the love of God and the message of the gospel to the LGBT community.

This bridge is not only a bridge between LGBT people and the church, it is also a bridge between LGBT people and God and so it must be both open and yet challenging!

Open in the sense that everyone is welcome, challenging in the sense that the road to holiness is difficult and requires much work and prayer.

Sadly many only talk about the ‘welcome side’ and this then distorts LGBT ministry and not only that, upsets many other Catholics who have made many sacrifices in their lives to follow Jesus.

Without a strong emphasis and teaching on conversion, prayer, sin and personal holiness, LGBT ministry would soon evolve into mere activism and this is the last thing in the world that I would want anything to do with.

Our Lady reminds us this morning that God corrects us out of love and not to turn from her when it seems difficult:

Our Lady 

Write now!

My children, God is pure and absolute love and so everything that God says or does comes from love.

If God corrects you it is merely because he loves you and wants to see you on the right road.

Similarly, God allows me to speak to you out of love and what I say is also inspired by His love.

This is why Heaven is screaming at humanity to convert, to turn to God and to cease living immoral lives.

Your world is like a speeding train headed for a cliff.

If some of these heavenly messages seem harsh, it is not to frighten you but rather to convict you of how very serious things are at the moment.

Hell is real my children and you have a powerful enemy who would like to bring you all there with him.

In these times God has given me, your mother, the extraordinary mission of crushing the head or the serpent and restoring peace on earth.

I do not work on my own my children, I need your help.

Will you help me? 

And this is why our LGBT ministry is so focused on the revelations and spirituality of Medjugorje because our hearts desire is to help our Lady, to help the church, to help LGBT people and hopefully one day to have lots of LGBT saints who took up their crosses to follow Jesus through living lives of prayer, extraordinary love of Jesus & Mary and of the calling to sexual purity through the power of the Holy Spirit.