Our Lady

Write now!

My children,

I look on you all with the most tender motherly love.

Those of you who listen to me and follow my guidance bring me such joy and consolation and every day I look after you and help you to grow from strength to strength just like a mother looking after a child.

Those souls who do not know me cause my such pain because I love each and every one of these souls with the same motherly love and my motherly heart cries to see them so lost.

Some souls do not know me through no fault of my own and these souls need so much love and tenderness while other souls have knowingly chosen the wrong path and arrogantly defy God and often only respond to a very firm warning.

The garden of souls my children is so full of different types of people, personalities and characters just like a garden with different flowers.

Strive to get to know the different type of souls and I will show you when you must be silent and when you must talk, when you must be gentle and when you must be firm and together we will win over the hearts of many souls for Jesus.