My children, how terrible the sin of omission to ignore the cries of the heart of your loving God.

You fight for all sorts of rights from human rights to the rights of animals and trees and yet so many of you soldiers of ‘justice’ are guilty of the greatest injustice of all; ignoring and mocking your loving creator and refusing the gift of salvation that He purchased for you with His very blood.

Foolish generation and foolish people. On the day of judgement you will appear before me and every thought and decision that you ever made will be there before you.

Every time you ignored your conscience, every time you spoke evil or acted badly, every time you ignored God and your neighbour and put yourselves first.

Your own acts and sins will  be in front of you like great black coals.

Repent my children and change your lives, my heart is infinitely merciful but even my mercy does not eradicate divine justice.’