My children,

You Iive in a world of a lot of technology and as it develops you grow in pride and autonomy and think that you are like Gods.

Don’t you see that even the fastest and most advanced technology that you have is mere nothingness to me!

What use would I have for the least bit of technology?!

Do I need phones to hear or to communicate? Do I need a supersonic jet to travel? Do I need cameras everywhere to see what is going on?!!

I see all, I hear all and I am present everywhere without lifting a finger!!

I am!

Do you not realise that I see and hear everything that you do and say just like a high resolution camera that is pointed at you?

How would you behave if you knew that you were being recorded all the time for others to see?

Why do you behave like animals that don’t know that they are being watched?

What excuses will you present before me when you die unless of course you choose hell with stubborn defiance of your sinful behaviour?

I do not desire for either of these things to happen which is why I send my mother who is reaching out to you with my love, my mercy and the opportunity to convert your hearts and lives.

Your time is short my children, do not add guilt upon guilt by defying her and refusing to listen.