My children, many of you come to me with such misery and such little hope after years and years of prayer!

What sort of testimony is that to the world?!

I am the God of love, not of misery and gloom!!

Certainly my children you love in terrible times with so much suffering but you must not let this rob your joy and make you miserable!

If a doctor got sick every time he met a sick person, he would be no good!

If you lose your joy then how will you be able to bring joy to the world?!!

My children, if you don’t have joy in your hearts then you must turn to me, you must meditate on my love for you and not only on my suffering.

My suffering was out of love and this mystery is the source of all true joy!

Come my children, stop moaning and complaining but rather look to my  cross, offer me your trials and believe in my victory over sin and death.