Our Lady 

(Smiling very gently!!)

My children, one of the greatest obstacles in growing in holiness and in wholeness is the fear of what other people think!

Satan traps so very many of you in the snare of conforming to human and godless ways.

My children, I tell you this because I love you; you simply cannot be popular with both God and the world.

God draws souls to lives of love and of care for eachother and for the poor while the world draws people to lives of abundance and success with things like money and power.

God is a God of life and protecting the vulnerable such as older people and children.

The world is a world of utility, if a person is deemed not useful then they have no value and may be disposed of like unwanted food!

God calls you to making provision for eternity through prayer and holiness.

The world calls you to ignore eternity and to make provision for this life of yours on earth which could be snuffed out at any time!

God calls you to pray and to learn to love eachother with respect and boundaries.

The world calls your to play and to use eachother like rag dolls without care or consideration.

My dear little children, I could go on forever about these differences because the ways of God are just so different from the ways of the world.

Think my children, every day think of what you are doing with your lives before acting.

Open your minds and hearts to the ways of God and learn to follow his ways (with rosary outstretched).’