Our Lady 

My children, so few people believe now in the healing power of the sacraments.

For so many they are mere symbols and nothing more with no significance or importance in day to day living.

Yet my children the sacraments are an  extremely powerful spiritual medication with the power to transform your entire lives.

You must learn my children how to cooperate with the sacraments.

Think for a moment of ordinary food, when you eat a piece of meat or vegetables you will get the same nutritional value regardless of whether you eat it quickly or slowly or attentively or otherwise.

It is not so with the sacraments!

To get the full power out of the sacraments, it is not a question of consuming them or using them like you would with a piece of food, you must receive them with love!

Returning to my example with food, when you eat a piece of food, you are eating something that is dead and that does not have feelings or emotions.

However when you receive the sacraments, you are receiving something that is alive and when it is the eucharist, you are receiving a person who loves you!

The only way love can pass from my son’s body to your spiritual souls is when your souls love and long for my son and this can only happen when you are prepared through prayer and through a thorough and honest examination of your lives and consciences.

Receiving the sacraments in any other way is not only useless for your souls but wounds the heart of my son who is being consumed by dead tombs.

I implore you my children to pray with your hearts and make every effort to receive all the sacraments with as much love and fervor as possible while trusting in God’s mercy with your faults while you strive daily to do better.

Pray my children to love Jesus more and do your best through your words and example to help others to do the same.