My mercy my child is without limit because all of my attributes are both boundless and perfect.

Yet my children this is not an excuse for continuing to sin without making honest and real efforts to change using prayer and the teachings of the church.

To abuse my mercy and to call this mercy is a grave insult to my sacrifice on the cross.

My mercy my children is utterly useless to you unless you choose to cooperate with it and many are the souls who have chosen damnation.

There is no sense in talking about mercy without mentioning sin and there is no sense in mentioning sin unless you know what sin is and strive to overcome it.

How many of you practice prayer and reparation for others or really understand with your hearts the seriousness of your current times?

You claim so often that you trust in my mercy while you don’t give evangelisation a second thought.

This is not my mercy but is your hardness of heart and pride.

My mercy would move you to tears for others, my mercy would send you out an any cost, mercy would cause you to have me continuously on your hearts and minds.

Examine your hearts my children and ensure that you are indeed trusting in mercy and not deceiving yourselves with cold indifference.