Our Lady 

My children,

I speak  today with sorrow and tears in my motherly heart as I see your world grow darker and darker while so very few listen to my pleas.

You show such respect for human beings and yet you show me such little respect by ignoring and dismissing my motherly messages.

You are no different to naughty children in the schoolyard who laugh and joke and refuse to do their schoolwork!

What will become of you my children? How will you look at me, the mother you say you love in the eye when you die when you see how much you have offended me during your short earthly lives?

You will hang your heads in shame my children when you see all the people that you could have helped but didn’t!

Once you die it will be too late and if your souls need purification in purgatory, others will have to pray for you and offer sacrifices too.

Please my children, I am neither trying to frighten or manipulate you but rather I am telling you the truth and am imploring you for help.’