Our Lady

My children,

You may wonder why I weep and suffer at times as I observe you.

Perhaps you thought that it is not possible for me to suffer as I am now in heaven, in a place of perfection.

This is not the case my children, even in heaven I think of you all and yearn for you to be with me and just as I can experience the ecstasy of the love of God, I can also feel the sadness and pain of my lost children.

Yet the sufferings in heaven are different become they are lived in the full light and love of God and so they are without all despair.

In other words, while it grieves my motherly heart infinitely to see any one of you refuse God and choose an eternity of darkness, this grief is only short lived when put into the light of God’s goodness and love for all of eternity.

When souls my children choose heaven, we cannot go back and so anything we suffer here is 100% for you or others and nothing can affect our eternity.

This is the mystery of love and even of evangelisation, that those who have everything pray and constantly think of those less fortunate and reach down from the heavens to help.

My children, open your hearts and let me guide you and I will teach you how to evangelise and how to be my special apostles of love for these dark times.