My children,

Sin is what blocks your happiness and yet so many of you do not want to give it up!

How can I answer your prayers to be happy if you block me and refuse to change?!

Sin my children is like a virus on your mobile phones that slows the whole phone down and affects the phone from carrying out its normal functions.

Sin is like a bug in a computer programme that affects the entire system by making it inaccurate and unreliable and not good for its intended purpose!

Sin is like a mechanical problem in a car that initially may seem small but gradually affects other functions until the car is rendered all but useless.

Sin is like a small black spot on a flower that it left untreated will destroy the whole flower and spread to the flowers around it.

Sin my children is real and there is no such thing as a small sin because even the smallest of sins has the potential to grow and kill the entire soul.

My children, you must know exactly what sin is and continue to pray and educate yourselves so that you may cooperate with my healing grace and thus allow me to bring you to true holiness and happiness.

Be not afraid of learning about sin my children or of discovering more of your sins for if you  are shown, it is only so you may be forgiven and your souls raised to higher degrees of both holiness and happiness.