My children, without my power and grace you can do nothing and are helpless against the pangs of the flesh and the action of Satan.

But my children, I have died and risen again and through your baptisms I have placed within your very being my own essence.

And so my children you are not powerless against sin and called to accept sinful living in a godless and faithless manner under the deception of ‘humility’ nor am I calling you to battle sin on your own!

I am fighting sin in you and through you with my power just in the same way as I fought and resisted sin throughout my own life.

Yet so many of you no longer believe in my power and you have become like birds without wings with only a social faith without any real conviction.

Look my children to the gospels and to the lives of the saints and open wide your hearts to my supernatural power and strength.

Call on the Holy Spirit and especially call on my mother to strengthen you in your faith so as not to be led astray by the apathy and lukewarmness which is now all over my church.