My children, imagine how much you might prepare your house if tomorrow you knew that the Queen of England or another distinguished figure was to visit you.

Imagine all the things that you might prepare from what you might wear to what you may offer her to eat or as a gift.

Imagine how you might prepare yourself and your family and ensure to remove any objects that might cause offence.

Imagine how you might talk with her and endeavor to respect her in all that you do.

My children, you who prepare so well for human beings, why do you prepare so little for me?

Am I less important or less royal or less powerful?

Just because I clothed myself in humility and simplicity during my earthly life does not take away majesty.

Every time my children that you receive me in communion, you are welcoming me into your house!

Will you not prepare? Will you not do your best to love and respect me and acknowledge your sins and ask me for forgiveness?

Have you forgotten who I am and who you are?

My children, the most splendid creature in the universe, my mother, kneels before the Godhead in humility and utterly aware of her nothingness and yet how many of you think nothing of receiving me or of spending a few minutes afterwards to give me thanks.

From my bishops and priests to parents and children, you must not be afraid to be seen on your knees in humble prayer giving thanks.

Repent my children of your godless ways and humble your hearts for it would be better for you to never enter a church than to enter arrogantly and to teach others to do the same.