My children, how my heart thirsts for your ‘yes’, how I thirst to transform your hearts into hearts of supernatural love and grace.

How can I do this my children if you don’t spend time with me listening and learning while I mould you and make you?

You so often stroll about satisfied with your lives and work when in actually fact you are all but dead!

So much of your work, even your good works and religious works are like dry withered branches with no supernatural life.

So many of my chosen and beloved priests celebrate the sacrifice of my mass with such little love and attention to the supernatural realities present and in so many cases I would prefer for them to celebrate no mass at all than to insult me with such dry aridity.

My children, I am the God of love! Consider how much effort you must put into your human relationships to maintain good communication and love! Consider how many times you must say sorry and the changes you must make when you love another person!

Is it because I am invisible that you think that I have no feelings and that you can treat me as you will?!

Is it because you don’t hear my voice or see my tears that you think that they are not real?

I tell you, so many of you and so very many of my priests treat me no better than their inanimate mobile phones.

Saying mass is so often done just like an ordinary human duty like making a coffee!

Prayers are often recited out of duty with minimal consideration to the words or meaning.

My body is handed out like finger food at a party to all and sundry without education or explanation as to how and who should receive me!

The confessional has so often become a treacherous place for souls where my priests betray me and pour upon uneducated souls philosophies of Satan disguised in mercy!

My children, the truth may seem harsh because the truth is harsh! I have been betrayed in every way and am being crucified afresh under your very noses.

Repent my children and fall on  your knees in reparation for all your offences against my love.

Pray and offer many sacrifices for your priests that they may become holy and worthy of their calling and responsibility of saving souls