My mercy my children is infinite beyond your wildest imaginings.

All the sin in the world since the beginning of time is but a spark in comparison to the ocean of my mercy.

Why then is there so much sin and suffering you might ask?!

Free will my children! My mercy is available but will not be poured on your souls without your free will.

It is like a millionaire who has millions in the bank who needs to withdraw cash as he needs it!

Similarly with my mercy, you need to withdraw it from my heart through constant prayer and through the sacraments offered to you by my church.

If you do not withdraw my mercy then you will be like rich people living in utter poverty because you have forgotten how to access your money!

My children, how much it grieves me to see your spiritual poverty when I, Jesus, your brother and saviour is so abundantly rich in grace and thirst to share it with you if only you would turn to me in prayer and choose to change your lives.