Our Lady 

All is well! Write now and keep on going 

My children, my apostles of love and light, you will face much opposition when you follow Jesus.

Think of a drunken man waking up in the morning and opening the curtains to a bright sunny day, the light pierces him and he closes them immediately!

Often too it will be this way with sin. So many are drunk with sin and your supernatural light and love will upset them and even revolt them.

Often they will reject you, they will close the door on you, cut communication with you and shut you off in whatever way they can.

Yet as the drunken man climbs back into his bed, he thinks of the light and in his heart he knows the he must face the day!

Similarly with those that reject you! Your light will cause them to think and to reflect and some of them will open their hearts and accept the light.

Pray, pray, pray! Pray for all those who reject you that they may open their hearts to the light and that your prayer and suffering may not be wasted.