So many of you have doubts as to whether or not I am really present in the Eucharist.

So many of my priests and bishops have these doubts too which is why so often their ministry is so dry and without apostolic zeal which comes from a live faith.

It is not a sin in itself to have doubts because doubts are a normal part of the spiritual journey but it quickly becomes a sin when  doubts are entertained and agreed with.

Satan is the master of doubt and confusion which is why you need a simple and clear faith to defeat him.

You do not need to be able to scientifically provr that I exist and that I am present in the Eucharist, you can simply believe by faith.

I have granted so many eucharistic miracles to my church over the years to confirm again and again that I am truly present in the Eucharist and if you read the lives of the saints you will come across countless testimonies of my real presence in the eucharist.

Yet so many of you dismiss these miracles and treat the lives of the saints like fictional novels while you read all sorts of scientific journals that pile doubt upon doubt!

What shall I do with you? If salt loses its flavour it’s good for nothing only to be thrown out, if you lose your faith…..

Come back my children to the simplicity of prayer and to the teachings of the church and let me renew your faith in me.