‘My children, often you will sit with me in prayer and feel nothing and sometimes you will feel and experience every sort of negative thought and distraction and feel like just leaving!

Fear not my children, this is normal just as it is normal in the gym or at work to struggle at times especially when put under extra stress.

Growth happens through this pain and death to the pangs of the senses which like to be entertained!

Prayer to the senses can be like drinking water when you are hungry, unsatisfactory!!

Yet prayer nurtures something far more important than the senses, it nurtures the spiritual soul.

The evil spirit will often try to distract you which is why you must be disciplined with prayer just like with any other human activity.

Perseverance over time yields enormous fruits not just for your own souls but also for your friends, families and the world.

Keep returning to me in prayer for I am gentle and understanding and forgiving and work in these silent and often painful ways to sanctify and purify your souls of all worldly and ungodly attachments.