Our Lady 

Prayer my children is like sending a beautiful rose to heaven, prayer in a group of people united in one heart is like sending a great bunch of roses to heaven.

Prayer not only unites your hearts but it also unites your lives as you allow yourselves to love and to care for eachother.

That is why I repeat my children time and time again, that it is nor enough to pray but that you must pray and act!

Evangelisation is about this acting out of prayer, it’s about letting yourselves be used as instruments of love and healing in the world.

Consider the first disciples who went from town to town with Jesus and on their own proclaiming the good news and healing the sick.

Consider Saint Paul who travelled tirelessly despite untold rejection and consider all the missionary men and women down through the centuries!

They were all motivated by love and by the zeal and courage of the Holy Spirit despite the obvious risks to their lives.

My children, nothing has changed and it is the same Holy Spirit today that is raising up new missionaries of love to leave everything and to bring the good news of God’s love to unevangelised areas.

Pray my children both alone and together that your hearts may be open to love and to being used by God in new and challenging ways.