My child, do not worry about who reads these messages or whether or not they believe that they are from me! Simply write and share and I will do the rest.

My children, consider solar panels and wind turbines which are strategically placed to capture the energy of the sun or wind and then to convert it into electricity which can then be used to power all sorts of appliances!

As you watch your TV at home you would rarely consider the link between being able to watch it and the sun or wind or water or coal.

Similarly when you eat food! Your body obtains energy from the food while to your mind the food appears as an inanimate and dead object!

The same my children is true of my love. Just like the rays of the sun or the wind, it seems invisible and unrelated to normal and everyday life!

Yet just as the earth cannot survive without the sun, nor can your hearts survive without my love!!

What good is a solar panel placed in the darkness or or wind turbine placed in a calm place?!

Similarly, what good will you be my precious children if you hide from my love?

You will become like vehicles without a light, you will become like mobile phones without a sim card. Yes my children, you will become utterly useless and agents of darkness to both yourselves and others.

You will only be able to be my apostles of love if you fill your hearts with my love through much and regular prayer from your hearts.

Raise your hearts up to me my children, raise them up like a solar panel to the sun or a wind turbine to the wind.