Our Lady 

My children, how I love you and see so many of you struggling with your lives.

I do not remain indifferent my children but with very great love and care I intercede before the heavenly father for you for more help and grace just like a poor woman begging for food to feed her family!

My children, I do not always answer your prayers the way you would like and I understand that this makes it even more difficult for you to trust in me, especially when you suffer much and consolation seems absent.

Yet my children, I assure you that I hear and answer every prayer and I offer your prayers and sufferings to the Father through my heart.

It is hard for you to imagine or to understand the value of your prayers and sacrifices and if you did, your sufferings would become lighter.

Pray my children today for the grace to accept suffering joyfully as you meditate on the passion of Jesus and for the grace to trust in me, your heavenly mother, no matter what trial you are going through.