‘My children,

Today I want to talk to you about heaven!

Heaven my children is a place of unimaginable joy of every sort. Even the greatest festivals on earth fade into absolute nothingness in comparison!

Heaven us a place of unfathomable energy! You may think because you do not see me now except in a static piece of bread that heaven is dull and boring but this is not the case!!

In heaven you will see me as I am and there will no longer be any need for my eucharistic presence!

You will sit in awe with the angels as you contemplate my very being and you will break into ecstatic raptures of music and dance as my love and joy pours over you.

Do not be fooled my children into thinking that there is anything dull or dreary about heaven because this is Satan’s way of distracting you.

The only troublesome part about heaven is the long and painful journey of getting there but like a mountain climber reaching his destination, the hard climb is soon forgotten when the joy from the mountain summit is experienced.

Set your eyes on heaven my children and when you feel discouraged, implore the intercession of the saints who have gone before you and know the journey even better now from heaven!