My love my children is a piercing love that goes to the very depth of your souls.

It is a healing love, a transformational love, a purifying love and above all an unconditional love.

Only my love can live in your hearts if you want to be truly happy and this is why my love empties your hearts of everything that is not me.

For this I need your cooperation through your free will and especially through your daily acts of conversion and repentance.

My children, my love convicts you of your sins and unholiness not to humiliate you but on the contrary, to humble you so that from this place of need you may trust in my mercy to make you holy.

My children, seek my love, yearn to be saints, yearn to purge your souls of all unholiness, rejoice when you uncover your weakness so that my mercy may strengthen you even more.

Teach others to do the same and you will be my very special apostles of love and mercy for these times.