Our Lady 

All is well my little child! Continue to write!

My children, how my motherly heart pines for those that are small and weak and have been trampled on by the world.

Smallness comes in many ways from poverty in material possessions, poverty in education and opportunities for growth, poverty in mind and body due to health problems and of course poverty in spirit for those who feel so weak and sensitive and unable to cope with life.

So many of my poor children get trampled on by those who have had greater opportunities or better health etc.

Look to Jesus as an example as to what to do with wealth!

Jesus, God, became poor by becoming man so as to share his wealth with you and raise you up with him to the glory of heaven.

Riches that you cannot share with the poor will destroy you! Power that you do not use yo help the weak will destroy you. Education that you cannot use to help others will destroy you!

Yes my children, the secret of heaven, of love is giving and giving all for others in love.

Reach out my children to the poor who do not know my son, look beyond physical appearances and lifestyles and search for the poverty of heart and you will become my perfect apostles of love