My children,

Medjugorje is a very special place for these times, a place chosen by the eternal father where my mother will crush the head of Satan in these times.

Medjugorje is both a place of intense prayer and mission.

Enormous prayer is needed in these times for the world and for the conversion and sanctification of sinners.

Medjugorje is also a place of mission as pilgrims come from all over the world from all different backgrounds in search of healing, freedom and love.

My mother calls people to Medjugorje and she calls all sorts of people in all sorts of ways as the countless testimonies over the years show.

My children, you cannot reject souls and interfere with the work of my mother and call yourselves “children of Medjugorje”.

Anyone who interferes with my mother’s plan becomes an agent of Satan whether they realise it or not!

Open your eyes and hearts my children and read the countless messages given through the years on love.

Love every soul, encourage every soul to go to Medjugorje, make every soul feel welcome and repent with your heart if you have judged others and made them feel unworthy or unwelcome to visit Medjugorje.

Open your hearts my children and allow my mother to do her work through the weak and unlikely souls which she draws to her heart to be her special apostles of love for these times.