Our Lady 

My children, how easily you forget how much I suffered scorn and all sorts of ridicule during the life of Jesus and especially during his public ministry.

Those pharisees and others who rejected Jesus also rejected me and said many awful things about me.

Like any parent, I was blamed and accused of bad parenting as Jesus grew in ministry.

And yes my children, many of you will experience the same thing as people reject you and criticise your way of being.

True life with God through the Holy Spirit is so enormously different to the politically correct social and church systems of your time.

This is why down through the centuries the saints faced such persecution because the ways of God were misunderstood.

Yet my children, I pray for you and encourage you to be like Jesus and to obey the voice of the father and not the world.

I strengthen you and encourage you with my motherly love as you face inevitable persecutions and trials from those who do not understand.

Pray and trust my children and you will live in perfect peace even if you are surrounded by calamity from sunrise to sunset!