My children,

Why do I remain so hidden despite being so close?

Why am I invisible to your eyes despite holding you in existence!

Why do I allow so much suffering despite being so powerful?

Why do I plead for your prayers despite being God?

My children, it is perfectly normal for you to ask some of these questions which to your human minds may not only seem confusing, but also unloving and ungodlike!

The answers my children you will find by meditating on my passion where I God, became man, died the most appalling death and yet rose again in glory!

I always obeyed the will of my Father and his chosen plan for the redemption of the world and I, God, became man and was the first human being (fully man) to pass through the suffering of the cross to eternal life in heaven despite being without sin and being in no need of salvation myself!

Often you use in your common language the expression ‘practice what you preach’ and also the expression ‘actions speak louder than words’ and this is exactly what I, God did!

Why the heavenly father chose this way to save you and not another is a mystery that you will only fully understand in heaven but if you trust that the Father is all-loving, then you will trust that this was out of love for you and to love you and raise you up to the highest possible degree of love and glory for all of eternity.

For now a veil separates you which is why you need the simple arms of prayer to fight off all doubts and negativity.

My mother gives you the ever so simple and powerful prayer of the rosary which when prayed and meditated with the heart is like a strong rope pulling you forward and keeping you away from distractions.

Look also to the lives of the saints and they will teach you how to live in perfect faith and to accept simply and lovingly the plan of God for humanity despite all the apparent contradictions and stumbling blocks from a human mindset!!

Pray, pray, pray and keep focused on my love for you no matter what trial or suffering you may be going through or what difficulties and tribulations you see in the world around you.

Let nothing discourage you from prayer no matter how dry and arid it may feel for I hear each whisper of your heart as if it were played on a loudspeaker in front of me and I care about each and every one of you like you were the only person on the planet.’